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First-Team All State Selections

Year Player Position Class / Team
1955 Paul Russell T Class A (AA)
1955 Henry McDaniel B Class A (AA)
1962 Eddie Goff G Class AA
1963 Eddie Goff G Class AA
1969 Chris Sprenger B Class AAA
1972 Barry Myers T AAA Defense
1972 Steve Stout B AAA Defense
1973 Steve Stout B AAA Defense
1977 Don Babuschak RB AAA Offense
1978 Mike Cook C AAA Offense
1979 Charlie Fest E AAA Defense
1979 Brad Minetree LB AAA Defense
1980 John Metheny B AAA Defense
1984 Tim Burkett T AA Offense
1984 Mark Dudley KR AA Specialists
1985 Jack Sutherland G AA Offense
1985 Shawn Marshall RB AA Offense
1985 Ron Renzelli B AA Defense
1986 Scott Creak T AA Offense
1986 Anthony Napolitano C AA Offense
1986 Tim Randolph LB AA Defense
1986 Ryan Skidmore DB AA Defense
1987 Frank Jenio T AA Offense
1987 Chris Huey DL AA Defense
1988 Jeff Spencer OL AA Offense
1988 Jason Barrick OL AA Offense
1988 Todd Hineman DL AA Defense
1988 Gary Lhotsky P AA Defense
1989 Andy Grogg OL AA Offense
1989 Chris Marteney LB AA Defense
1990 Andy Grogg DL AA Defense
1990 Cam Devericks PK AA Defense
1991 Tommy Brown Util AA Offense
1991 Robbie Buffington PK AA Defense
1992 Robbie Buffington P AA Defense
1993 Robbie Buffington P AA Defense
1994 Mike Wilson DL AA Defense
1994 Sam McKinney K AA Defense
1995 Jason Nicewarner B AA Defense
1998 Rodie Heater RB AA Offense
2000 Jason Reppert OL AA Offense
2000 Josh Nicewarner DL AA Defense
2000 Mike Honce DB AA Defense
2001 C.R. Rohrbough RB AA Offense
2001 Darren Floyd OL AA Offense
2001 Tim Lindsey DL AA Defense
2002 Kenny Kerr OL AA Offense
2002 Joe Stout LB AA Defense
2004 Cody Thrasher OL AAA Offense
2005 Jeremy Gum DB AAA Defense
2006 Adam Queen OL AAA Offense
2006 Aaron Echard LB AAA Defense
2007 Mark Gray RB AAA Offense
2007 Josh Knicely OL AAA Offense
2008 Wes Tonkery RB AAA Offense
2009 Justin Carey DL AAA Defense
2009 Alex Sutton LB AAA Defense
2009 Wes Tonkery DB AAA Defense
2009 Jake Stafford Util AAA Defense
2010 Corey Wagner RB AAA Offense
2010 Conner Kornbrath K AAA Offense
2011 Brett Hathaway RB AAA Offense
2011 Garrett Stanley OL AAA Offense
2011 Conner Kornbrath K AAA Offense
2012 Brett Hathaway RB AA Offense
2012 Cameron Stanley LB AA Defense
2013 Anthony Bonamico RB AA Offense
2013 Tyler Morgan OL AA Offense
2013 A.C. Caldera DB AA Defense
2014 Dylan Tonkery RB AA Offense
2014 Connor Nelson OL AA Offense
2014 Michael Gray DL AA Defense
2014 Mitchell Winkie LB AA Defense
2014 Dante Bonamico DB AA Defense
2015 Dylan Tonkery RB AA Offense
2015 Noah Markley DL AA Defense
2015 Mackenzie Holmes LB AA Defense
2015 Elijah Drummond LB AA Defense
2015 Dante Bonamico DB AA Defense
2016 J.T. Harris RB AA Offense
2016 Koby Kiefer K AA Offense
2016 Chapin Murphy DL AA Defense
2016 Mackenzie Holmes LB AA Defense
2017 Jake Bowen RB AA Offense
2017 John Merica DB AA Defense
2018 Jake Bowen RB AA Offense
2018 Austin Sponaugle DL AA Defense

Team Captains in bold.  State schools were not classified until 1947 when they were divided into Class A (Big School) and B (Small School).  In 1955, AA, A and B divisions were established, which became the current AAA, AA and A classes in 1957.  Current classifications are noted in parenthesis for selections made between 1947 and 1957 for the sake of clarity.  

***All-State list provided by Paul F. Bognar & Doug Huff***

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